Ecole Supérieure des Techniques de Biologie Appliquée

DNA – Technicien(ne)

DNA Analytics Engineer/PhD – LCMS and CE

We are looking for a technician/engineer with expertise and autonomy in analysis of DNA fragments using UPLC, CE, ESI-MS and Fluo

DNA Script in a nutshell

Based in downtown Paris, DNA Script is focused on the manufacturing of synthetic DNA using a proprietary template-free enzymatic technology. The company aims at accelerating innovation in life science and technology through rapid, affordable and high quality DNA synthesis. We are a team of 12 and working in collaboration with Pasteur and ESPCI.
DNA Script’s technology has the potential to greatly accelerate the development of new therapeutics, sustainable chemical production, improved crops as well as new applications such as data storage.


Position opened at DNA Script

To analyze our syntheses, we are equipped with an analytics platform. Your primary task will be to provide reliable and high quality analytical data. This includes operating and managing the maintenance of our different analytical devices. Your second task will be to adapt and enhance existing methods or create new methods when needed.


Opportunity and Challenges

We are looking to assemble a team of best-in-class, innovative and passionate people gathering their talents and skills to achieve one goal: bring to the world the next ultimate tool in biotechnology.

We offer the opportunity of joining a growing team of a high potential biotech startup. As one of the early employees, it is a unique opportunity for a fast track experience as the analytics part of our company is poised to grow.


Experience and Skills

Must Have   Nice to have
DNA analysis   Molecular biology
Liquid chromatography   Chemistry
Capillary Electrophoresis   Attraction to the start-up world
Mass spectrometer   Coding skills
Fluorescence detection

Result oriented

Problem solver

  Analytical software



Technician or Engineer level in the required fields.


Contact: pour obtenir des précisions sur cette offre et les coordonnées de la personne en charge de cette offre, envoyez un email à , en précisant vos nom et prénom ainsi que le nom et l’année de la formation que vous avez suivie à l’ESTBA.