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Ecole Supérieure des Techniques de Biologie Appliquée

FLUIDIGM – offre d’emploi

The right job isn’t about location or benefits or responsibilities. The right job is about personality, character, motivation, fulfillment. It’s about what inspires us, what we’re passionate about.

At Fluidigm, we’re passionate about life. Exploring it, studying it, sustaining it, living it. We make biotech tools that enable our customers and ourselves to seek truth in applied life sciences.

To push limits and envision ever more creative answers to “what if…?”

Naturally, we’re also passionate about people, especially the ones we work with. We know that the right people in the right positions can do amazing things, and we love helping that happen. Now we’re looking for a Service Support Engineer to join our service team. And if you’re the right person, we’d like to make you a deal:

If you:

– Collect and inventory of parts and instruments on RCD.
– Ship and list of parts and instruments from the RCD.
– Compact Instrument repairs.
– Final Test and re-condition Service and Demo Instruments.
– Manage RCD area and re-organization, including storage places.
– Manage In and Out admin flow in SFDC.
– Build repair line and process with documentation.
– Archive and records of operations.
– Process improvement and operation records.
– Have fun, be fully engaged and promise to have a life beyond “work”

We will:

– Deliver superior compensation, benefits and opportunities for career growth – Engage you in a dynamic and rewarding company culture – Support you in your ongoing development and contribution both as an employee and a person – Value your contribution and enlist your feedback – Host excellent company-wide events multiple times a year – Offer onsite yoga classes, massages, randomly free and good food, friendly greetings, gym equipment and, seriously, a lot more

You must have:

– Bachelors and possibly some experience – Technical background – A belief that good, creative work is a reciprocal and evolving process – The ability to receive, offer and process critical feedback in a positive way, and to explain or defend work when appropriate



Contact: pour obtenir des précisions sur cette offre et les coordonnées de la personne en charge de cette offre, envoyez un email à , en précisant vos nom et prénom ainsi que le nom et l’année de la formation que vous avez suivie à l’ESTBA.

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