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Gustave Roussy – Engineer position in genomic instability

Engineer position in genomic instability
A 2-­year Engineer position is available in the team of Dr. Valeria Naim at Gustave Roussy
Cancer Center in Villejuif, south of Paris. The position is funded by the European Research
Council and will start as soon as the position will be filled.
Research topic :
Our team is interested in the mechanisms of genome maintenance and the role of replication
stress in genomic instability and cancer predisposition.
The model of study is Fanconi anemia, a genetic disorder characterized by chromosomal
instability, bone marrow failure and cancer predisposition.
Our research project aims at understanding the molecular causes and the functional
consequences of chromosome instability in Fanconi anemia, using cellular and mouse
Location and scientific environment :
The successful applicant will join a junior team attached to the Genetic Instability and
Oncogenesis Laboratory, a research unit of the National Center for Scientific Research and
University Paris-­South, formed by leading scientists in the field of DNA damage response
and repair. The Laboratory is located at Gustave Roussy, a leading european cancer center
south of Paris, and benefits from state-­of-­the-­art technological platforms and highly dynamic
and multidisciplinary scientific environment of the Institute.
Candidate and application:
We are looking for a highly motivated, flexible and rigorous candidate, ready to join a newly
established team and to be responsible for general lab management and support in research
projects. The successful applicant should have knowledge of general laboratory equipment
and materials, and proficiency in cellular and molecular biology techniques. Experience with
bioinformatic analysis and/or genome editing will be an advantage.


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