Ecole Supérieure des Techniques de Biologie Appliquée


2-years technician position in the team “DNA Recombination, Replication & Genome Stability”, headed by Sarah Lambert, Institut Curie, Orsay-Site, France.
A technician position is available for a highly motivated person to join our team which focuses on interplays between chromatin factors and DNA repair mechanisms in response to replication stress and DNA damage to maintain genome stability. Our main cellular model is the fission yeast S. pombe in which we have evidenced mechanisms of replication restart by the homologous recombination pathway (Lambert et al. Mol. Cell 2010; Iraqui et al. PLoS Genetics 2012, Tsang et al. J. Cell Science 2014) and novel interactions with chromatin assembly factors (Pietrobon et al. PLoS Biology 2014).
The technician position, funded by the “Fondation pour la Recherche Médical”, is to develop novel in vitro assays to investigate the hierarchical assembly of chromatin assembly factors onto synthetic DNA substrates. The ideal candidate will have experiences in protein-protein interactions. Skills in yeast genetics will be
greatly appreciated.
Our group benefits from the multidisciplinary and dynamic environment of the renowned cancer research institute Institut Curie, on Paris-Saclay university campus. More information on the Institut and the group are available at: and-cancer-axis/umr3348-genotoxic-stress-and-cancer/dnarecombination- replication-and-genome-stability/

Contact: pour obtenir les coordonnées de la personne en charge de cette offre, envoyez un email à ,  en précisant vos nom et prénom ainsi que le nom et l’année de la formation que vous avez suivie à l’ESTBA