clavel – poste de technicien Bactério : cultures de bactéries anaérobies en Allemagne

I will be super happy if you can spread the word throughout your network and inform me directly if you know of good candidates.

The lab ( is looking for new members to strengthen the team; all positions to be started a.s.a.p/early 2023:

–          1 PhD position (4 yrs) within Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1371 (;

Great network; collaboration with the Stecher lab; topic is strain replacement strategies within gut microbiomes; profile: microbiologists inclined to do mouse work (gnotobiotics), or vice versa

–          1 PhD position (4 yrs) within a new CRC;

Overall topic of this consortium is the perinatal period, microbial colonization processes and development of the immune system; profile: microbiologists inclined to develop skills in genomics, or vice versa

–          1 postdoc position (3 yrs) for a microbiologist/biotechnologist; skills in genomics will be appreciated; main topic is synthetic communities of cultured gut commensals; with application in agricultural science (chicken gut) in collaboration with the industry.

–          1 technician (3 yrs); anaerobic cultivation

Thanks a lot! Hope to see you all soon = )



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Clavel

Institute of Medical Microbiology

Functional Microbiome Research Group

University Hospital of RWTH Aachen

Pauwelsstraße 30, 52074 Aachen, Germany

Elevator D4, 5th Floor, Room 37

Tel.:       +49-(0)-241-80-85523

Fax:       +49-(0)-241-80-82483

Veuillez postuler directement en vous adressant au contact indiqué dans l’offre ci-avant. L’ESTBA ne traitera aucune candidature. Merci.