Inserm – : Engineer or Post-doctorate and Assistant Engineer

A full-time 36-month engineer or postdoctoral position as well as a full-time 24-month assistant
engineer position are available at the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiation Biology

(iRCM/UMR1274) within the Life Science Division of the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA, Fontenay-
aux-Roses, Paris area, France) to work on a project recently funded by the Institut National du Cancer(INCa).
Host institution : The INSERM and CEA are dedicated to biomedical research, development andinnovation with major societal challenges in health and energy. Understanding the mechanisms of
cancer is one of the priorities of the CEA and INSERM. The CEA has aimed to become a biomedical imaging and technology research and innovation cluster housing some state-of-the-art facilities.
Our laboratory (LCM, Laboratory of Cancer and Microenvironment) is interested in investigating the tumor microenvironment and particularly, the novel role of the central and autonomic nervous systems in tumor development and metastasis (Magnon et al., Science. 2013 ; Mauffrey et al., Nature. 2019 ; Monje et al., Cell. 2020).
The project will involve experimentations using mouse cancer models (surgery, imaging, dissection) and human specimens from breast or prostate cancer patients (blood and tumor tissues), imaging (bioluminescence imaging, confocal microscopy, PET/MRI, computer assisted image analysis in collaboration with Imagopole/Institut Pasteur), flow cytometry/sorting and genomic facilities.
Applicants who have expertise in oncology, neuroscience, cellular biology orstem cell research will be considered. Experience in working with animal models is required (Background in livestock management, including breeding and animal health, and in experimentation with mouse models (laboratory animal training and education, level 1 (for post-doc fellow or engineer) or 2 (for technician)). Good programming skills will be a plus.

Post-doctorate position : Candidates must have a recent PhD in oncology or neuroscience (completed less than 12 months ago from current date), should have previously worked with mouse models and have at least one first author publication in international scientific journal. Good oral and writing skills in English and the ability to work independently and in collaboration are expected.

Contact: pour obtenir des précisions sur cette offre et les coordonnées de la personne en charge de cette offre, envoyez un email à , en précisant vos nom et prénom ainsi que le nom et l’année de la formation que vous avez suivie à l’ESTBA