INOREVIA – Research Assistant Molecular Biology (H/F)

Who we are
Inorevia is a French company exploiting cutting-edge patented technologies to accelerate Research
in Life Sciences and Medicine. By providing researchers and clinicians with innovative tools,
Inorevia aims at solving the challenge of increasing complexity in Biology.
The recently launched Magelia® platform allows scientists and clinicians to do more and better

with less: higher quality and sensitivity from less starting material and less reagents, with full walk-
away workflows.

The Magelia® represents the future of lab automation: personalized sample prep for personalized
medicine. This is a true innovation on the way liquids are handled and assay efficiency is optimized:
full walk-away simplified workflows for a plug-and-play experience.
These benefits answer all the challenges scientists and clinicians are facing, to unlock highly
efficient sample preparation on any sample, even below a given kit’s low limit. This is based on the
core assets of our proprietary technology: all-in-one capillary sample preparation through
miniaturization, without microplates. Several applications have been validated with reference
centers and partners across the world on a variety of samples (genomics, transcriptomics,
epigenetics, etc).

Job description
We’re currently looking for a rigorous Molecular Biology technician to join our Application
Development team. The candidate will work on validating and optimizing molecular biology
applications on our versatile platform, the Magelia®.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform validation tests both with standard techniques in molecular biology and on our
    innovative automation platform
  • Report on the results obtained, propose technical solutions, participate in the data analysis
  • Ensure the follow-up on consumable stock and optimal lab workflow/organization
    (equipment maintenance, pipette calibration etc)
  • Work closely with team members to improve quality and performance of our platform
  • Work within standards of quality and technical documentation applicable in the company


  • Professional Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology or related field, with 1-3
    years’ experience working in an Academic research or Life Sciences R&D organization
  • Demonstrated technical skills in molecular biology (manipulation of DNA/RNA samples, PCR,
  • Strong documentation skills and ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing,
    utilizing Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Demonstrated scientific rigor
  • Curiosity and creativity to develop innovative products in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills in English and French

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Prior experience generating NGS libraries for transcriptome, whole-genome, exome, and/or
    targeted sequencing
  • Detail oriented, and adept at communicating ideas and presenting data
  • Past experience working in an NGS core facility and/or a company developing assays/products
  • Versatile and adaptable to new methods, technologies, and approaches
  • Relevant experience working in a GMP/GLP environment
  • Proactive, solutions-focused

Complementary information
Position location: Pépinière Paris Santé Cochin, 29 Rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques, 75014 PARIS
(note : our company will relocate to Bagneux over the summer 2023)
Permanent contract (CDI), starting immediately

Job offer CDI – Inorevia – Ref: Research-Assistant_Bio_06-2023

Inorevia SAS  Pépinière Santé Cochin, 29 rue du Fbg St Jacques, 75014 Paris 
How to Apply: To apply for this position, email us at with the ref –
Research_Assistant_Bio_06-2023, including your resumé, motivation letter and references

Veuillez postuler directement en vous adressant au contact indiqué dans l’offre ci-avant. L’ESTBA ne traitera aucune candidature. Merci.